We believe the key to a brighter, better future is through education. Starting from a young age where possible.

Our first school we supported was in Sibanor, a small village called Buniadou. We found a tiny nursery school for 3 to 6 year olds, situated in a reed shed in a field. Head teacher Mr Bojang and Voluntary teacher Sally, explained they had a sponsor to help build a school block with the help of their local community. We donated some play equipment and learning resources to get them started.

We watched the new school block building progress, (see pictures below) very impressed how everyone came together as a village to make it possible. Once completed, we donated many desks and chairs, and much needed learning resources. All children now have a good learning environment with their own chair and desk. No longer sitting on the floor to learn, giving them the possibility to gain a higher standard of education in a comfortable environment.

We will continue to identify more schools in need and share the resources every time they are donated. Many children will benefit from a better education with your generosity in donations

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