Keen4Gambia support Wullinkamma Arribaja Clinic, where motherless babies are brought in to be monitored and given necessary help. Friends or family members have fostered these babies when the mother has died during or after childbirth.

Del Dalimore and her team run this fortnightly clinic and supply babies with free milk, bottles nappies and medical support for 1 year. They are given clothes and medical attention up to the age of 5. We believe every child deserves a good start in life and we help to give them the opportunity to thrive ❤️

Needed or the Lab

Alcohol wipes, slides, prickers, drabkins capsules, dark bottles, hand gels, also need a haemo cube machine for hb levels

Needed for the clinic

Antibiotics, Baby milk, bottles, sterilising tablets, oral paracetamol syrup, protein drinks, nappies, sutures, dressings, hand gels, soap, blankets, clothes

Donated items and support from their fundraising keep this essential clinic running. See their Facebook page for more information or contact us.

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